About Leticia Cox – LensTraveller

‘Solo female roaming the globe with her lens’. Currently based in South Africa, Leticia Cox (aka LensTraveller) is a Spanish-born, internationally acclaimed, award-winning photographer, feature journalist, and content creator.

​Leticia has travelled the world and lived in many different countries, which has afforded her a rich and wide variety of environmental and cultural experiences. She started her career as a wildlife photographer while living in Thailand. Today, her portfolio includes portraiture, commercial, sports, and travel photography content.

​Her natural and truthful style of shooting makes her an acclaimed photographer in many different fields. Her artistic vision and survival instincts make her an outstanding and knowledgable travel partner, willing to venture into the unknown and capture the raw emotion of the locals, alongside her photographic proteges.

Leticia’s portraitures show her knack for capturing small or big, tell-tale human moments filled with compassion and kindness. Her artistic vision and survival instincts make her the best travel partner, as she takes us on a journey through her lens.

Accredited Nikon Content Creator
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WILD Coolers Ambassador
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