Book: Becoming LensTraveller

When you get that feeling of life creeping up on you, and it all seems impossible to handle. You try hard to take one day at a time but then several days attack you at once, you lose yourself and become brittle. You start to wonder if you are cracking up; then you know it’s time to make some changes and get control of your life.

Just like that, I decided I was going on a long road trip to Namibia. Nothing my close, wiser friends would say could have changed my mind. Without thinking too much or even planning a solid route, I found myself on the road to Namibia, taking one day, and one destination at the time.

My escapades in and around Namibia raised many eyebrows, including those of the incredulous Namibian locals and some police officials, who couldn’t believe that I had survived some of those treacherous “back-roads”, which I had mistakenly chosen…more than a few times! First woman ever to make such a solo journey throughout the whole country.

BECOMING LENS TRAVELLER  tells my journey throughout Namibia. A trip that became far more than I ever expected and fast paced. It’s about self-discovery, brief life-changing encounters. About colours and Mother Nature. About trusting strangers, myself , and trusting my Jeep. A journey about anticipation, what? Where next…

*Book will be available in 2022.

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